The Importance of Website Maintenance

You’ll often see maintenance listed as a line item in a service contract for a website build but what exactly does it mean? Maintenance is actually an essential part of ensuring that your website is both current and functioning properly. With the way that technology advances today, web developers are constantly working to keep up with change and so maintenance covers both the reactive work that needs to be done and the preventative measures required to keep your a running smoothly.

Today, websites can be built in a number of ways — from hand-coded beauties to do-it-yourself website builders. Whatever the underlying technology may be, maintenance needs to be conducted on a regular basis. We’ve all been to websites where something looks out of place or doesn’t function properly (not the best way to impress your visitors). This is usually attributed to a component or plugin not being updated in a timely manner. Letting maintenance go too long is kind of like letting your car skip its regularly scheduled service. You can do it but eventually something is going to break. Instead of not being able to drive your car, a broken website can result in lost visitors and if you’re a business owner, even worse – lost revenue.

Simply put, maintenance helps to protect the website you’ve invested in. From updates that help to keep it secure to improved functionality that enhances your visitors’ experience, keeping the technical side of things in check will ensure that your site (and business) is well represented on the web.

At CAVU Media, our maintenance programs are built into every websites we create. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that that their website is being cared for so they can focus on more important things – like their business.

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