About CAVU Media

Small. Agile. Better for Customers.

We're Small but Deliver Big

We're a creative technology group  that designs and builds outstanding digital experiences for our customers.

We deliver high value, big agency quality at a fraction of the cost. 

Our size allows us to move quickly through projects and react in real-time to market and competition changes. What takes large agencies months to accomplish, we can fulfill in shorter, aggressive time frames with greater efficiency.

We've grown our business by reputation and word of mouth which has presented us with opportunities to work with some of the greatest customers. Their passion for their work, craft and drive is what both inspires and fuels our own passion to create great things.

We're Focused

We're dedicated to helping our customers find the right technology solutions that fits their business needs, goals and budget.

We're focused on and advocates of small businesses and start-ups.

Why? For over 10 years, we have been both and have remained in the entrepreneurial mindset which we think differentiates us from other agencies.   

Plus, the energy, ideas and outcomes are amazing. We get to move at the speed of business rather than be mired in a bureaucratic, corporate process. We make ideas real rather than contemplate what could be. 

We're Trusted

We recognize that for most businesses, dealing with digital and technology is not their strong suit and we are absolutely humbled to be trusted by our customer base to both help and advise them.

We invest in our customers' future and in turn,  become a part of their business family.  Every digital solution we create has out customer in mind from concept to production launch. We take the time to understand our customer needs and pain points and the impact it will have on the business now and into the future.

We like to think these are the reasons why our clients stay with us for 8-10 years on average.

We're Partners

Many of our clients come to us after bad developer experiences that left them hanging with a website they didn't know how to use. Others simply grew tired of trying to learn a DIY website builder online and missed the human element of working with a knowledgeable person or team. 

Whatever your reason, we invite you to talk with us about your needs, where you want your business to be in the future and explore a potential partnership with CAVU Media that will yield strong business results.